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The Lucinda Green Online XC Membership

Delivering Monthly, Lucinda's "Greenprint" To Confident XC Riding And Training
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About Lucinda

Lucinda, considered to be one of the best XC riders of all time (World and double European Champion, Olympic Silver medalist, dual Burghley, and 6 time Badminton winner) has been teaching riders from grassroots to Olympic level around the world since the early 1980s.

Lucinda is passionate about XC and allowing the horse to think for himself whilst listening to you. Her “Greenprint” is made up of the fundamental principles established over 50 years of teaching and competing that help you to do exactly this.


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XC Mastermind

12 sessions with 6 of the Worlds Best XC Riders sharing their wisdom with Lucinda Green.

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XC Membership

Membership opens only twice a year and next opening is in February 2023.

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Digital Courses

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What happens each month in the Membership?

Lucinda creates new content for members every week, so your XC skills are constantly improving.

Video Learning

Complete with action steps to take away and practice at home. Lucinda will teach you the "Greenprint" of training your XC horse.


Become part of our community of motivating and encouraging X riders. Participate in each other's journeys with Lucinda's help and expertise to guide you. And most importantly have fun!

Live Q&As

Live group coaching with Lucinda on Zoom. Expert guest speakers and breakout room discussions.


Membership costs just £25 per month, and you get access to unparalleled weekly content from a 6-time winner of Badminton, 2-time winner of the Burghley Horse Trials and Olympic Silver Medalist, World and European Champion.

Hear what our members have to say...

"Having not jumped for 5 years I was very nervous to go XC, let alone compete. I followed Lucinda's Greenprint with my lovely mare and then did our first Unaffiliated Horse Trials and went double clear. I am now aiming for my first ever BE and feel so much more confident."

Maddie O'Carroll
Grassroots Eventer

"Lucinda has made a huge difference to my xc riding and confidence. I love how she doesn’t have any ego whatsoever and is so eager to learn and grow as a horsewoman herself. It’s very inspiring. I'm excited for her "Greenprint" to make a big impact in America ... we need her"

Hannah Sue Burnett
5* Rider

"Lucinda revolutionised my approach to XC schooling. My naturally careful and suspicious mare has become confident and genuine XC following her education under Lucinda's principles"

Sarah Clark
5* Rider

"My only attempt at xc competition before joining the academy was horrible. I couldn't get her to jump the warm up jump and then ended up struggling round and being eliminated at fence 8. Move forward 7 months and today we had a blast. No stops or run outs. She felt amazing and I was able to be there for her when she needed me. Thank you soo much lucinda, you have made a massive difference to us already. "

Naomi Cloutman

" The Lucinda Green XC Academy has been a game changer for me, my horse and my riding - from ELBOW to the tube - the coffin canter to ready for trouble! She is absolutely fabulous. The Academy is a family and network of support and guidance. It is hands down worth every damn penny and I am so grateful this amazing Olympic rider is giving her time and sharing her knowledge; the video learning is unbelievable and I have put so much into practice. People have commented on my change in riding and I feel more confident."

Shareen Akhtar
Academy Member


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Access the Lucinda Green XC Academy anytime, anywhere. 

The Lucinda Green XC Academy is accessible through our website and on our app. Videos and audios are available to stream or download at your convenience - at home, in the stables or listen in the car.

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Lucinda's free resources

Get Lucinda's Rider Responsibility Checklist

It is your horse's responsibility to jump the jump.  Download Lucinda's checklist to find out what your rider responsibilities are.


Seeing a stride webinar

Many riders say, I cannot see a stride.  Top riders make it look so easy but they were in your shoes once.  You will be relieved to hear that you do not need to see a stride to be safe XC.  


"The Bitting Experience"

Lucinda Green discusses the fascination of different bitting with pro-bitter Louise Bates.



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Join Lucinda for one week (19-26th January) - five fun, free challenges you can do at home to improve your XC👇