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If you would like to follow Lucinda's XC System that led her to 6  Badminton wins and  countless medals...

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The Lucinda Green XC Academy is a monthly membership delivering Lucinda's XC System...


aka The "Greenprint"  to confident XC, the fundamental training that helps you develop trust, footwork, focus and most importantly, FUN.


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When you join The Academy you will be guided through...

The 6 Stages to Success

Each stage is a series of videos outlining Lucinda's System, the fundamental training that develops trust, footwork, focus and fun.  

Stage 1: Developing Trust

Lucinda's "Greenprint".  This stage is is the foundation of all your training and should be re visited when things go wrong. 

Stage 2: RGT & R4T

Rough Ground Training and the Ready for Trouble Position

Stage 3: Foundation Obstacles

Water, banks and ditches.

Stage 4 : Technical Fences

Corners, skinnies, combinations and angles

Stage 5: Speed

Gear changing, run and jump fences, economy of line

Stage 6: Compete

Course walking, fitness, rules, preparation, tack

Lucinda Green, 6 times Badminton winner, World, Olympic and European Champion has been coaching XC for more than 40 years around the world.

Her mission is to keep XC at the heart of eventing. Lucinda’s “Greenprint” (the fundamentals of XC) helps riders discover the crucial bond with their horses and is paramount to achieving that mission.

In 2020 Lucinda launched her XC Academy, an online membership to develop XC skill and bring like minded riders together.


The Academy works but don't take our word for it...

Since we launched the Academy 2 years ago we have watched our members and their horses go from strength to strength.  

Caroline Leahy

"Before we joined the Academy I had never gone clear XC.  Now we go clear all the time"

Brona O'Mahony

"This Academy has been incredible to learn new techniques and perspectives that have completely changed the way I approach my young horse's training."

Claire Kemp-Welch

"Within 6 months of joining the Academy we regained our MERs [minimum eligibility requirements] and had our best result ever at a higher level. I never would have believed that virtual coaching would have such a huge effect on our results.  The exercises demonstrated are pure XC gold."

Stephanie James-Count

"I joined the XC Academy when it first started and have loved it! I have been able to keep up with the lessons in my own time as my schedule doesn't always allow for me to tune in to the scheduled live zooms. I listen to them while I feed, ride, shop, drive etc. It has really helped to keep me mentally sharp and prepared for competitions. Lucinda's passion for teaching is so evident and she has such wonderful guests on the zoom meetings. Having the academy community has also been wonderful! We share each others triumphs and struggles. At a recent Lucinda clinic I was able to meet several Academy members and we had a lovely time as if we had known each other for years."
Join the Academy

What is in the



Monthly Content

Each month Lucinda releases 4 new pieces of content:

  1. Video Learning -  guidance on how to develop your XC 
  2. Live Q&A - Lucinda answers member questions
  3. Insider Info - Lucinda talks to top equestrians 
  4. Management Mondays - Monthly Zooms with industry experts


    All available on the app, tablet or computer

Access to an extensive video library

Over 100 videos including past Insider Info, Management Mondays and Lucinda's Q&A's. Plus Video Learnings including Coffin Canter, Water, Skinnies, Corners, Banks, Ditches and much more.

The Community

The group is full of encouragement and support.  A place where members share their ups and downs and pick each other up.  It is an opportunity to make friends across the globe and talk about horses forever...

Breakout Room 

Very popular with old and new members.  These sessions are a fun way to connect with riders around the world.

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100% Money back guarantee if you wish you hadn't joined within 30 days.


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£25/$30 (US)

(exchange rate may vary)

  • Video Learning
  • Lucinda Q & A on Video Learning
  • Vibrant community of like minded riders
  • Management Monday
  • Insider Info
  • Breakout Room
  • Free access to mini courses


£250/$300 (US)

(exchange rate may vary)

  • Video Learning
  • Lucinda Q & A on Video Learning
  • Vibrant community of like minded riders
  • Management Monday
  • Insider Info
  • Breakout Room
  • Free access to mini courses

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