This is our definition of SUCCESS

Read out these beautiful success stories of our members and their journey so far with LGXC



Alice Chan

I wasn’t sure how it would work out doing online learning for riding, but I can’t tell you how amazing it’s been. I’ve told everyone about the Academy. Lucinda is beyond generous with her knowledge. I’ve been blown away by how many insights she gives us and how many experts she brings to speak to us. I cannot recommend highly enough being part of the Academy.


Naomi Cloutman

My only attempt at xc competition before joining the academy was horrible. I couldn't get her to jump the warm up jump and then ended up struggling round and being eliminated at fence 8.

Move forward 7 months and today we had a blast. No stops or run outs (thank god, maybe I can ride after all) and a smiling happy me and a happy River. She felt amazing and I was able to be there for her when she needed me.

Thank you soo much lucinda, you have made a massive difference to us already.

Lucy Hopewell

After everything I’ve learned from here and all the support I completed my first ever one day event last weekend at Eland Lodge!! My previous record with cross country has been being eliminated in a non-competitive Hunter trials and falling off at the second fence in a compact eventing due to having a mare who is very nervous doing XC.

We just entered the 70cm with our only goal being to get round the course and finish, by my goodness did she blow me away!! She absolutely flew around the course like she’d been doing it for years (after all the training exercises from here that I’ve been practicing) and finished on our dressage score with no other penalties at all and coming 7th!!

I’m so very proud of her and thankful to Lucinda Green MBE for all of the training exercises she has given us! So very excited for our next one and to grow even more in confidence!

Daisy Parker

Had to put Lucinda’s teaching into practice at our combined training yesterday!

Solo was napping badly towards the gate throughout the warm up and on our first approach of the warm up jump he veered sharply off to the left (I can’t ride!!) I caught him in time and turned him back to the right, backed him up a couple strides and sent him straight over. Beautiful walk jump with rocket boost!! I feel it really set the tone for the rest of our jumping as I was not allowing anything but over we did trot some of our course (especially near the exit gate!) as I felt control and focus should take priority over looking pretty and it worked!

I love how this academy has totally changed my approach to my riding looking forward to our first XC training in a couple of weeks


Lottie Faulkner

The Academy has given me a new perspective, especially on training my young horses. I use Lucinda's weekly wisdom, learn from other member's experiences and apply all of this to my riding. I am really enjoying this new way of learning - easy to access and effective.


Amy Newton

My name is Amy Newton and my horse is Annie, 6 year old Belgium Warmblood x Irish Draught.

We have been members of the academy since last November and have thoroughly enjoyed all the content and meeting other like minded riders.

This was our very first competition at a Hunter Trial at Munstead in May of this year, over the BE80 course. I had taken Annie 3 times XC schooling including one session with Lucinda at Munstead before I decided to enter.

She went clear and was an absolute superstar, confident and just loved it.  She was rather exuberant in the warm up as there was lots going on, so I need to work on that (might be a good subject for the academy?) but once waiting outside the start box she just focused on me and was such a good girl.

The valuable information we had been given and the exercises to do over the Winter and lockdown did not become evident until I went XC schooling for the first time in April and found that I not only had a very confident horse but that I was confident in the fact that my preparation had been correct.  All the off piste riding, puddle training, jumping odd lines in the school and in the field without striding, setting up jumps made of anything I could find (safely of course!)  has given my horse the most amazing start and brain for the job. 

We have also built up and really good relationship, I trust her and she trusts me to do what I ask of her. (I never thought I would be able to say that as I am not a very confident rider) and it does not matter if it does not go perfectly all the time and to let the horse think for themselves which I did not have with my old horse as he always looked to me to make the decisions whereas Annie has been allowed to make mistakes and correct them herself which, I believe, has helped enormously for both our confidence.

I had a real phobia of hacking as well as my previous horse was very spooky  and so having to get out and go off piste and do leg yielding down our lane, trying all the things Lucinda suggested has made me view hacking in a completely different way and has also educated Annie far more than just riding in a school or field.  It has helped with not worrying about a slight stumble or walking up a bank, trotting on verges, walking on uneven ground, up and down hills and has gotten me back to cantering in open spaces as I knew I had to do it to produce my young horse.

I love all the chats with other amazing riders, how lucky are we to hear their stories and the mind set talks have been really useful in helping me with focus and being positive and making sure the only person on my shoulder when riding is my 'confident helper’ , not my ‘can’t do it naughty person’

I am still working on my position all the time so the video critic sessions are invaluable and also the course walking ones gave me a whole different way of walking the course which has helped with how I ride and view the jumps but also confidence.

This Academy is an amazing opportunity for anyone who really wants to get the best out of themselves and their horse and enjoy their sport at whatever level.