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How Lucinda Green's XC Academy was born?

A beautiful story behind the world's best XC Membership....

Once upon a time, Rachael Faulkner, a passionate and accomplished equestrian, found herself yearning to make a significant impact on the eventing community. She had witnessed firsthand the transformative power of cross-country riding and had a deep desire to share her knowledge and expertise with fellow riders.

As Rachael pondered ways to reach a broader audience and create a supportive community, she couldn't help but think of her dear friend and mentor, Lucinda Green. Lucinda was not only a legendary figure in the world of eventing but also someone who shared Rachael's passion for nurturing and inspiring riders.

One day, as Rachael and Lucinda sat together, discussing their shared love for eventing and their dreams of empowering riders, an idea ignited in Rachael's mind. She envisioned an innovative online membership program that would bring together riders from all over the world, providing them with exclusive access to a wealth of resources, mentorship, and a vibrant community.

With a heart full of excitement, Rachael shared her vision with Lucinda, who was instantly captivated by the idea. Recognizing the tremendous potential to positively impact the lives of aspiring eventers, Lucinda wholeheartedly embraced the concept and joined forces with Rachael to bring their vision to life.

Together, Rachael and Lucinda poured their expertise, knowledge, and passion into the creation of Lucinda Green XC Academy. They meticulously curated educational materials, developed engaging training modules, and established a supportive and inspiring online platform where riders of all levels could come together.

Their shared goal was to provide an unparalleled learning experience for members, offering them not only the wisdom and guidance of two exceptional equestrians but also a community where they could connect, learn from one another, and celebrate their successes.

Lucinda and Rachael's collaborative efforts transformed the equestrian world. The membership program became a beacon of light for riders who sought to elevate their cross-country riding skills and immerse themselves in a community of like-minded individuals. As the academy flourished, the bond between Lucinda and Rachael grew stronger, their shared dedication shining through every aspect of the program.

Lucinda Green XC Academy became a testament to the power of dreams, friendship, and the unyielding passion of two extraordinary equestrians. Rachael's initial idea had sparked a revolution in the eventing community, forever transforming the way riders learned, connected, and thrived in the exhilarating world of cross-country riding.

And so, Lucinda Green XC Academy continues to inspire and empower riders worldwide, thanks to the vision, determination, and unwavering friendship of Rachael and Lucinda. Their legacy lives on as riders of all levels embrace the academy's resources, engage with the vibrant community, and forge their own extraordinary eventing journeys.


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