XC Mastermind

12 sessions with 6 of the World's Best XC Riders
sharing their wisdom with Lucinda Green.
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A unique series of 6 modules on training, riding and horsemanship all related to XC with:

Pippa Funnell, Piggy March, Ingrid Klimke, Boyd Martin

William Fox-Pitt, Shane Rose

12 hours of pure XC Gold with Lucinda Green and each of our top riders.  You will have access to all of the replays  of our live  Masterminds where Lucinda finds out how each rider has achieved such success at the very top of the sport.


6 of the BEST

Piggy March

  • Piggy says she is not brave.  Find out how she over comes this on a regular basis.
  • How she develops a young horses' bravery.
  • Why feeling uncomfortable is important and how to practice it.
  • Why giving the horse freedom is so important.
  • Training a horse to use his 5th leg.
  • Importance of time for the horse to process between head and legs.
  • Why different horses personalities require different training styles. 
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Pippa Funnell

  • The dressage fundamental that will help keep our horse safe and sound XC.
  • The one thing riders should not interfere with.
  • Dealing with horse tantrums.
  • Pippa’s fundamental training principal.
  • Should you allow a horse to gallop with his head low?
  • What is the number one thing that we need when approaching the fence.


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William Fox-Pitt

  • Why having a plan is so important but we must be adaptable.
  • Why it is such a huge responsibility being (and having) an owner.
  • The one simple mistake riders make that lose our horses rideability, mouth and brain.
  • How do we know when we are ready to move up a level?
  • Why having too much control over our horse can be dangerous.
  • A horse that can’t save himself can’t save us – how do we teach our horse footwork?
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Boyd Martin

  • How long does it take to build a partnership with your horse?
  • Why we must never lie to our horse.
  • How we can practice failing and why this helps us.
  • Why we shouldn’t train over perfect distances and how to do it.
  • There is never an option to stop or run out.  How do we train this?
  • How does Boyd get his horses fit?
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Ingrid Klimke

  • What do you really need for confidence to grow?
  • Training the horse to anticipate what the rider is thinking.
  • The 2 things needed so your horse will take off and stay safe.
  • What we can do to encourage our horse to think for himself while listening to us.
  •  Why skipping steps in our training slows down our progress.
  • Why it is so important that the horse must have fun and how we achieve this.
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Shane Rose

  • What does Shane look for in a horse – it’s not what you think
  • 3 things that happen when we obsess over seeing a stride.
  • What happens when we drill our horses too much.
  • How to train a young horse to think for himself.
  • Which breed makes the best decisions XC?
  • How to find the balance between discipline and dominance.
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The XC Mastermind

Learn from 6 of the best XC Riders in the world how they train their horses.



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If you aren’t completely satisfied with the XC Mastermind. Let us know within the first 14-days for a full refund. No questions asked.

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