Reframing XC and how

you train it.


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  • Lost your confidence?

  • Just starting out XC?

  • Having a problem at a specific XC fence?

  • Worried about seeing a stride?

  • Haven't got access to XC course?

  • New horse who hasn't been XC?

Lucinda Green, 6 times Badminton winner, World, Olympic and European Champion has been coaching XC for more than 40 years around the world.

Her mission is to keep XC the heart of eventing. Lucinda’s “Greenprint” (the fundamentals to XC training) help riders develop the crucial trust between them and their horse and is paramount to achieving that mission.

XC WEEK will help you:

  • Go XC schooling without being worried you are doing it wrong.
  • Develop the trust between you and your horse so you can leave the start box with confidence.
  • Look forward to your XC schooling sessions and know that you are building your horses confidence.



Whether you are just starting out or a XC pro, XC WEEK will reframe how you train XC and most importantly make it FUN.  

There are many misconceptions of how we should XC school.  In this week Lucinda will unpack these and show you that less is more when it comes to developing the crucial trust between you and your XC horse.

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What's included?

Lucinda Live

An hour of XC gold with Lucinda to kickstart XC WEEK.  She will be giving you some actionable advice on how to train XC.

Video Learning

A video outlining one of the most important ways to train XC.  No XC course necessary.


Join the XC WEEK FB group of like minded XC people who support and encourage 

FB Lives

Your chance to ask Lucinda XC questions when she goes live in the exclusive XC WEEK FB Group

Management Monday

Join our Academy members for our Monday zoom session with Luncinda and Russel MacGuire

Breakout Room

Very popular with our members, these sessions are a fun way for you to connect with XC riders around the world.

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£ 7

Aug 18th - Aug 24th

  • Lucinda Live
  • Video Learning
  • Community
  • Facebook Live
  • Management Monday
  • Insider Info
  • Breakout Room
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Haven't got Facebook? 

- No problem, you can still join the Zooms and watch the replays in the Hub.

What happens if I can't make a live?

- No problem, you can watch all the replays in the hub.

How long do I have access to the content?

- Forever

Where is XC WEEK being held?

- It is all online.